Hardcore, Raw, Ancient, Timeless

Raw Iron Stones and dangling silver pebbles

Irregular shapes

Strong sense of family and Heritage, liberal attitude to the role and rights of women, most certainly define the Etruscans, a civilization ahead of its time

Each piece draws inspiration from symbolic natural elements of the Etruscan coast: iron stones, rocky cliffs, golden sandy beaches and hidden treasures left by the Etruscans.

Inspired by the Etruscans and their Land, the Iron Age Collection focuses on strong textures, irregular shapes, blackened silver accents and unconventional stone settings.

Cliff Ring

Naturally formed rocky shields to a sandy safe harbour...


Populonia Ring

Inspired by the Etruscans that once lived in Populonia...a place where to escape it all. Reticulated sterling silver ring with Faceted Spinel

Cuff details

Sturdy 4,8mm Texture Cuffs

Reticulated Texture Chunky Ring

Mesmerizing Natural Ethiopian Opal over Reticulated Texture Band

Ready, steady...go

Drilled the tube setting to fit the diamond

Creating a cabochon for the gorgeous oval ruby

I've created the grooves for the tube setting, and a seat for the cabochon setting

Cabochon and tube settings in place, ready to be soldered

Almost there, just some more filing and burnishing


A ring that will be treasured for many years to come...

I created this blackberry ring for a friend and I love it🤩 I want to thank all my customers for allowing me to create meaningful custom pieces...Thanks for keeping me inspired...😘

Jewellers' benches are dusty, cluttered places...but every once in a while they get tidy again 🧹🤩

Stacking rings for perfect combos

Conflict free African raw diamonds

Unconventional engagement rings

Caged larimars

Into the making...Turquoise Boho Ring

Tools of the trade

Legal imprint